Bylaws Adopted and New Executive Board Elected

Following a six month period of thorough review, debate, and input from all the members who attended multiple membership and steering committee meetings or emailed in their input, we’re very pleased to announce the formal adoption of the Bylaws governing the New York City Coalition for Women in Construction, as of June 11th, 2018. You can review the Bylaws here.

In July, following our election process (as outlined in our Bylaws), we elected 10 members to our Executive Board. This ‘next step’ for the Coalition is a result of the work of many tradeswomen, advocates, and allies who have been meeting regularly, though informally, for a decade to advocate for better working conditions for tradeswomen and to address issues of retention and recruitment of women in the NYC Building Trades.

Over the years, there have been many individuals who have volunteered their time and resources to create a foundation for the work of the Coalition for Women in Construction to continue today. Before our new Executive Board was formed this summer, we benefited from the talents and dedication of Wendy Webb (Local 79 Apprentice Field Coordinator), April Rodriguez (Local 79 Instructor & Forewoman), Elly Spicer (former Director of NYCDCC Carpenter Training School and lifelong tradeswoman advocate), and Laura Gabby (Local 157 Carpenter, Executive Board Trustee, Delegate, & Trial Committee Member), who diligently shepherded the CWC from their posts on our Steering Committee for time between our November 2016 launch event until this summer.

These four women hoisted our organization on their shoulders during a critical period of shoring up, and have been instrumental in drawing in new members while shaping the vision for our future. We are indebted to them and are grateful to each of them for their service.

We’re very excited to continue to grow and develop in the coming year. We have an exciting agenda planned for 2019!


Rudy Mulligan, Co-Chair

Carpenter, Local 157