NYC CWC works to increase the number of tradeswomen by developing leadership, providing mentorship, and addressing issues of recruitment and retention. We advance policies that support tradeswomen and union values and unite tradeswomen through rank-and-file engagement. 



We are a multi-trade coalition that champions the needs and issues of tradeswomen across NYC. We promote the ideals of unionism and advocate for respectful, safe, and quality work environments.


Guiding Principals


 We believe in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.

Our vision is of an inclusive Coalition, intersectional in our approach to this work, and honoring of the experiences and wisdom that each member brings to the table through their gender presentation, age, class status, educational/vocational level and cultural identities.

Because our mission relies heavily on our public demonstrations of solidarity in sisterhood, members of the Coalition conduct their behavior, in all public and private forums, in ways that elevate and respect all who act as stewards, allies, and recipients of the Coalition's works.

For trust to exist between members, confidentiality of Committee conversations is be respected, unless consensus on public disclosure is met by a majority of the members present in the room. 


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