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What does it mean to be an NYC CWC Member?

To champion the needs and issues of New York City tradeswomen by advocating for safe, respectful, and quality work environments alongside New York City tradeswomen, advocates, and partners.

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NYC CWC Mission

NYC CWC unites tradeswomen through rank-and-file engagement. We work to increase the number of tradeswomen by developing leadership, providing mentorship, and addressing recruitment and retention issues. We support policies that advance tradeswomen and union values. 


Benefits of Joining the NYC Cwc

  • Educational and training opportunities

  • Support from local tradeswomxn and advocates

  • Presentation of a strong, unified voice for NYC union tradeswomxn


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The NYC CWC is completely volunteer run by tradeswomxn and advocates. 100% of membership dues and funds raised go to the administrative costs of filing as a non-profit organization, maintenance of our website, speakers fees, refreshments at meetings, and outreach materials. No member will be turned away for non-payment. The Hardship Application can be found here.